How to Make Online Shopping a Success


We have all been there. That moment when you receive your online shopping purchase in the mail, and you can’t wait to see your new garment in person and try it on. But, it doesn’t fit, or the colour is completely different than what you saw online. Perhaps you even received the wrong order altogether. These scenarios can be the most frustrating part about online shopping for women, and may even be the reason why you may be hesitant to continue to online shop. Finding women’s clothes that are fashionable, affordable, and well-fitting can often feel overwhelming. Sometimes it feels as though the benefit of getting something that fits and looks great without leaving your house is not worth the risk of purchasing it online.

But, the truth is, there are so many ways to make your online shopping experience here in New Zealand a successful one. Once you start incorporating some of the guidelines outlined for you below, you will find that your online shopping experience is not only an easier one, but an enjoyable one.

Know your size

Before you even start browsing women’s clothing stores online, you must know the size that you’re looking for. If you have ever online shopped before, you may have seen that many websites offer a sizing guide when choosing your size. If you want to avoid the disappointment of an ill-fitting piece of clothing, make sure you take your measurements! This guide will get you learning the basics of measuring yourself, and on your way to choosing a great fitting outfit.

Shop sales and free shipping

One of the great things about shopping online is that you don’t need to wander a shopping mall looking for stores that have sales to find a good deal. Shopping online lets you browse store websites from the comfort of your home, and if the store you wish to purchase from doesn’t currently have a sale, you can simply check back at another time. Most online women’s clothing stores will have a sale page directly on their website where you can strictly shop the sale items. An example is Bossy B’s sale page, a women’s clothing store in known for their high-quality garments made right here in New Zealand.

If you do enough research, you should also be able to find online shops that offer free delivery right to your door in New Zealand.  Visit Bossy B at to take advantage of their free shipping on orders over $50.

Sign up for mailing lists

Another way to help you get the best deal is to sign up for online clothing store’s mailing lists. While it can be a bit overwhelming to receive constant emails from stores, this is often the best way to get great deals or special discounts for specific online stores that you love. These emails will also often tell you when a sale is on, which saves you from having to check the website often.

To minimise flooding your inbox, only sign up for mailing lists from stores that you buy often from. You may also want to consider opening a secondary email address which you only use for these purposes. You can also easily unsubscribe from mailing lists if you no longer want to receive emails.

Read through reviews

Reviews can be your best friend when deciding to purchase an item or not. An item with a long list of positive reviews is a great sign that it’s worth purchasing. With that said, there will always be negative reviews on every product. A few poor reviews should not completely turn you off from purchasing the item. It’s a good idea to quickly browse reviews to see if there’s a pattern, such as many reviews saying the item runs small, or that the colour is different than advertised.

You may also want to be wary when purchasing an item with no reviews whatsoever. If you do decide to purchase something with no reviews, you might want to make sure the store allows free shipping, or free returns.

Look at return policies

Inevitably, and despite your best efforts, you will occasionally purchase something that you do not want to keep. But, since you purchased the item online, you don’t need to drive all the way back to the store and can instead easily pop it back in the mail to the distributor. This convenience is undoubtedly one of the best reasons to online shop for women’s fashion in New Zealand. It is also something you should be keeping in mind before purchasing your item. If you aren’t sure that you will want to keep your item, you may want to shop at a store that has free or simple return policies that include free shipping fees. This way you won’t end up paying more to return the item.

Some online shopping stores also offer in-store returns, which allows you to bring the item to one of their nearby stores to return in person. While less convenient, this option can still allow you to return the item without additional costs. You may also be able to exchange the item while you’re in the store.

Evaluate your inventory

Online shopping makes it incredibly easy to simply click and shop without thinking too much about what you need. One easy way to avoid overspending and buying items that don’t fit in to your wardrobe, is to evaluate what you already have. When shopping, look for items that can be worn with many outfits in your wardrobe, or colours and patterns that fit in with what you usually wear. Try and shop for something that can be worn in different ways to maximise its use. Women’s fashion is often about mixing and matching to get the most out of your wardrobe. Take a look at some of these tips for further help with styling.

It is important to remember that even with all of these tips in mind, sometimes online shopping goes wrong. But, the great news is that you have most likely saved time and money by shopping online store sales or getting mailing list discounts, and you can easily return your item since you researched the return policy. Even if you end up needing to return your item, you can still count it as a successful online shopping experience. Happy shopping!

5 Budget-Friendly Summer Fashion Tips for Women


During the summer the days are longer, the leaves are greener, and winter clothes get pushed to the back of the closet. Warmer days are here, and wardrobes often need an update. When trying to be stylish on a budget, rising temperatures do not help, but the tips below can help women update their wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Go for Pastel Shades and Light Fabrics

Women absolutely love summer, and there’s nothing like womens fashion dresses in NZ to make a woman feel more confident. Bring colour into your summer wardrobe with sundresses in pastel shades and light fabrics. They’re great at making you feel comfortable, cool, and feminine.

Choose Oversized Accessories and a Wide-Brimmed Hat

New Zealand summers can get very hot, and a floppy, wide-brimmed hat and stylish sunglasses will pair perfectly with your summer dress. These accessories are a fashionable way to protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays and stay cooler at the same time.

Combine Florals and Whites for a Summery Look

White linen and floral fabrics are the epitomes of womens fashion in NZ. Grow your seasonal wardrobe by a few essential pieces every year and you will end up with a classic collection that can be revisited each summer. Patterned dresses, whether they’re florals or prints, never really go out of style.

Bring Summer into the Workplace

Casual Friday is a great thing, but like your wardrobe, it may need an update. A crisp white blouse and slacks or alibi dresses in NZ are easy, comfortable, and office-appropriate while showing some summer style.

Be Confident in Your Body

It’s usually easy to tell when someone feels ill at ease in their clothing. Summertime is a time of apprehension for many women because of society’s expectations of how they should look, and many women struggle to lose enough weight to have that “perfect summer body”. Embrace your femininity and your best features by choosing clothes that work for your body type while minimizing flaws. Now is not the time to focus on your problem areas, it’s the time to celebrate what makes you unique!

Updating a summer wardrobe can be fun, but it can also be tricky if you’re working on a tight budget. With the tips given here, you can transform your wardrobe with Bossy B ( affordable womens clothing online.

Fashion Tips for Your Christmas Party


Employees across the world are getting ready for one of the most fun get togethers of the year: the office Christmas party. Most people who have worked in a corporate environment for a few years know how to navigate these events, without making a fashion faux par. However, younger people and those who have never been invited to this type of event before must be very careful when making their wardrobe selections. Choosing the wrong outfit may cause your CEO to reconsider whether they want to offer that promotion.

Basic is Better

An LBD, or little black dress, is always appropriate for these types of events. Problems may arise when office workers start to accessorise their outfits. When it comes to a company Christmas party, basic is better. While it’s fine to add a pop of colour to a solid dress, too much sparkle can be distracting. A glittery scarf along with a solid colour dress is festive, yet professional. An LBD may also be accessorised with Christmas-themed earrings. It’s important not to overdo it. Avoid this by dressing in a festive, yet formal, manner in one of the lovely dresses from Lemon Tree wholesale clothing.

Check the Dress Code

When they announce the event, the executive secretary should give employees an idea of the dress code for the party. While they tend to be formal, office parties that occur during the day are usually less dressy than those taking place after work. Employees can avoid embarrassing themselves by checking with the event planner if they are unsure of what to wear. The company doesn’t want anyone to mistakenly wear something inappropriate so management will gladly advise any employee who asks.

Cover Up

Tight and revealing dresses have no place at the office Christmas party. Although they might be perfectly acceptable at the club on another day, it’s best to leave these kinds of dresses in the closet the night of the office event. An after-work celebration gives employees the opportunity to be themselves with their co-workers. However, when being themselves involves excessive cleavage or skin-tight dresses, women are better off displaying their professional image. Opt for stunning womens designer tunics in NZ.

Things to Avoid

Stores are full of ugly Christmas sweaters. Although these might be fun to wear to family Christmas parties, and might even be part of a game to see whose sweater is worse, they have no place at the office Christmas party. No one should wear anything that lights up, plays music, or is sparkling excessively. The only exception is the owner of the company and, even if they wear an over-the-top sweater, this is not an invitation for anyone else to follow suit.

Christmas parties should be fun, but office workers have to carry themselves professionally when attending the company party. No one wants to risk a promotion over a faux pas that could have been easily avoided by choosing the wrong holiday party attire. There are a lot of nz womens fashion labels that you can choose from.

When you shop with Bossy B Fashion, you can be sure you’ll only find fun, fashionable clothing that is appropriate for the office. We’ll help you find a dress you’ll love and will impress colleagues who also attend the party. For many, the office Christmas party is the only occasion they get to spend time with their coworkers, clients and significant others outside of work. Making a good impression is essential, and the best way to do that is to purchase a dress and accessories that make a positive statement about you. Check out the range of NZ womens fashion available to buy online at Bossy B’s:

Womens’ Fashion Online in New Zealand and Its Role in Job Interviews


Job interviews tend to scare people. No matter how much you prepare, it’s almost impossible to be ready for every question thrown at you. One way you can increase your confidence before going into an interview of this type is to learn about womens fashion online in NZ and what you should and shouldn’t wear to a job interview. People often say they wear clothes they feel good in, which makes sense, but why not put on something that makes you feel good and increases your chances of getting the job? Following are some tips to help you decide what to wear for this important event.

Purchase a basic dress and accessories for a variety of situations. With this dress, you can prepare for any job interview simply by changing what you wear with it. If you are interviewing to work in a solicitor’s office, you’ll want shoes and accessories that demonstrate class.

In contrast, if you want to work at a trendy new retailer in your city, you’ll want modern jewelry and fun shoes that reflect the latest trends in womens fashion in NZ, as this is the image the retailer is trying to project to its customers. One basic dress can easily handle both situations, saving you time getting ready and money for other things. Don’t put off choosing accessories until the last minute, however, as you can try different combinations beforehand for a variety of situations to see which work and which do not.

Spend some time learning about the company and the target market they serve. Once this information has been obtained, learn what colors this target market prefers and wear them to the job interview. If you are applying at a company that serves a specific culture, however, you’ll want to learn about colours and symbols and what they mean in that culture, as you don’t want to unintentionally offend anyone.

Also, consider the gender of the interviewer, if this information is known beforehand. Men tend to prefer blue colours and those that are yellow based. Women, on the other hand, like blue-based colors, such as most pinks and blue-greens. If in doubt, wear something blue as it appeals to both genders. Visit Lemontree wholesale fashion in NZ and you are sure to find something in the appropriate colour that you love.

Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in. When you do so, you’ll find you are less focused on what you are wearing and pay more attention to what you are saying to the interviewer. Learn the company dress code, however, and ensure the selected outfit complies with this code. In the event this information is not available, visit the company website or their page on social media sites to get a feel for what employees are wearing. If there is any doubt in your mind, dress conservatively, as it shows you respect the interviewer and are serious about getting the job. For further inspiration visit a women clothing store online in NZ to get a better idea of the choices available to you.

Consider the industry you will be working in if you get the job. When you need to show that you are credible and trustworthy, for example those who work in health care, blue is the colour of choice. Individuals working in retail need to appear friendly and easily approachable, thus they should wear light colours, including tan and blue-green or peachy orange.

Management positions call for dark grey or dark blue, as they project authority and credibility. If interviewing for an up-and-coming technology company, one that is known for innovation and thinking outside the box, magenta is one colour to consider. These are only a few ways to use colour to your benefit. There are numerous others that you may wish to take into account when choosing your outfit for a job interview.

Browse women fashion clothing online in NZ to see alternatives to the traditional suit. Regardless of which outfit is selected, pay attention to the quality and the silhouette. Better-quality clothing tends to give you confidence, and the silhouette should be a reflection of your individual style. This is true for any outfit you wear, not simply those obtained for a job interview.

Finish the outfit with good grooming. Arrive at the job interview with clean hair, manicured or neatly trimmed nails, and everyday makeup unless you are working at a trendy retailer. In that situation, you can be bolder with your hair and makeup and still get the job. Brush your teeth before going in to meet the interviewer to make sure your teeth are clean and your breath smells fresh. An amazing outfit can’t overcome the neglect of basic grooming, so keep this in mind and make this a priority any time you interview for a job.

With the right outfit from Bossy B ( you’ll find you not only look and feel better, you’ll present yourself in a favourable light to the job interviewer. Clothes do make the difference. If you feel you aren’t familiar with womens fashion online in NZ, take the time to brush up on what is currently hot and what classics should be a part of your wardrobe. Knowledge is powerful in any situation, and preparing for a job interview is no exception. Don’t simply focus on the company you wish to work for. Learn about how to present a professional image, one that will be an asset to the company, and you will have a new job in a very short period of time.

Changes in NZ Fashion in the Past 10 Years


50 years ago all New Zealand (NZ) fashion was made in New Zealand because there was no importing of clothes from offshore. Indeed women had been taught to sew and made their own clothes for economic reasons and because they could. Much has changed in the last 50 years and particularly in the last 10 years or so.

So what happened to New Zealand fashion?
As New Zealand urban areas grew and more people moved into towns from the rural areas attitudes towards clothing changed too. A growing demand for ready made clothes meant that small businesses grew up catering to people who didn’t have the skills or time to make their own. In the late 1990’s there was a push from the government to support the emerging fashion industry and develop an export market. New Zealand designers such as Karen Walker, Zambesi and Trelise Cooper were all launched on to the International scene at Australian fashion shows.

Recent Trends
Imports have continued to flood the New Zealand high street often inspired by the latest catwalk trends. There is a huge gap between the impractical catwalk styles and what consumers actually want to buy. There has been a growth in small businesses designing to fill the gap in the market between expensive, designer style and cheap catwalk knock-offs with sophisticated and practical clothing.

There is increasing demand for supporting locally made products, by local designers using New Zealand labour rather than cheap imports. Just think about the popularity of NZ merino wool! Many consumers are becoming more environmentally aware and there has been a resurgence in ‘vintage’ clothing and recycling. More awareness of the conditions in which workers create the cheap imports has an impact on many consumers. Whilst there is an increase in the export business for NZ designers there is also an increasing demand for home-grown designs.

Support New Zealand Fashion Designers
To support New Zealand made and New Zealand fashion designers you can frequent the high street stores and the boutiques avoiding the cheap chain stores. Buy New Zealand made and support the resurgence of a manufacturing industry in New Zealand. Be wary of New Zealand designed but still manufactured abroad because it’s cheaper!

Globalisation has had a positive impact on New Zealand exports but has also negatively impacted the fashion industry in New Zealand due to cheap imports. There will always be a market and demand for high quality, ethically produced clothing in New Zealand though.

Bossy B is one such label that is 100% New Zealand designed and manufactured. The bonus is that even if you don’t live in Rotorua you can still buy our designs by shopping online at As well as our own label we stock a wide range of NZ womens fashion labels online.

Designers include: Alibi, Charcoal, Democracy, Vivid, Stone Hill Merino, Jendi, Soxtrot, Elm, Tantrum, Lemon Tree Clothing Design and Libertine. To check out the latest in women’s fashion sales be sure to visit our website and select from the range available to suit women size 8 to 18. Orders are shipped direct so you can try on in the comfort of your own home (please refer to our website for the returns and shipping policies).

Date Fashion Tips


Obviously you want to make an impression on your date with not just your personality but also your personal style. What a guy notices on a first date is really up for debate, with studies suggesting a number of things, from your eyes and smile to your – ahem – assets. But don’t expect him not to observe your clothes, especially if he’s the posh sort who pays extra attention to personal grooming, wears a dressing gown (bathrobe) at home, and pairs his formal clothes with trendy loafers.

Dress for the occasion

You don’t want to overdress for a coffee date or look matronly when you plan to go out clubbing with your date. If you’re accompanying him to an event or an open house, don’t hesitate to ask if it will be a casual or a formal affair. That way, you can save yourself (and him) the embarrassment of dressing inappropriately for the occasion. If you haven’t shopped in a while and the event is a week or two away, you may want to check out womens fashion clothing online.

Understand what flatters your body type

Stick to a tried-and-tested look, something that flatters your figure and makes you feel confident. That could mean a feminine summer dress or a smart pair of ladies fashion pants. If you’re a plus size, consider a peplum high-waisted skirt and…..shapewear. Flaunt your curves and make him feel like he’s in the presence of a confident, sensual woman. Got great legs? Show them off in a bandage dress, a T-shirt dress or an elegant A-line skirt.

Running late for your date? You can’t go wrong with red!

Time and again, studies have shown that men think that red looks the sexiest on a woman. If you have no time to put together an outfit, reach out for a red dress or skirt or even a pair of snazzy red pants. What goes well with red? Black, of course! A black leather jacket can complete your look and possibly score you a second date.

Stay subtle yet stylish on an afternoon date

If you’re heading out for an afternoon lunch date, consider a chambray shirt with a denim jacket for a casual yet chic look. A summer dress is another option, which you can pair with lace-up sandals, gladiators (for a short dress) or espadrilles. If you’re feeling adventurous or going some place fancy, a fit and flare dress in a nice pastel shade will knock the socks off your date! Check out some cool fashion from Democracy clothing brand at the Bossy B clothing store.

Express your personal style, don’t pander to his preference

Has he told you that he likes Jennifer Anisette or thinks Betty Draper is cute? Resist the temptation to be ‘inspired’ by these ladies – or anyone real or fictional that he’s into – or you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. While a guy may admire women who carry off an edgy rock-chic look, he’s not necessarily expecting his date to show up like Gwen Stefani, Rihanna or Kate Moss. Be yourself and showcase your individual style; he’ll like you even more for it!

Dress strategically

When we say this, we mean dressing to be compatible to your date’s sensibilities. For instance, if he’s traditional and conservative, you don’t want to wear a V-neck top with an eye-popping cleavage. If the guy is a few inches shorter than you, avoid towering over him in stilettos or platform shoes, unless he’s explicitly told you that he wants to ‘look up to you’! You can always adjust or pare down such strategic choices once you get to know him better. But in the early stages of courtship, it is wise to dress in harmony with his values.

Online store Bossy B offers women a range of chic and modern apparel from leading and popular designers. Whether you’re looking for designer skirts online or labels such as Libertine clothing, Charcoal clothing or Alibi Clothing NZ, we’ve got you covered. The site keeps running a women’s fashion sale and offers gift vouchers that you can present to a fashionable friend or loved one.

Inspiration for Five Common Wedding Dress Codes


The question of what should I wear to a wedding is a common one. While most wedding invites stipulate the dress code – there are some unspoken rules that female guests should always follow… Don’t be too flashy; don’t reveal too much skin; and don’t show up the bride.

Below you’ll find 5 common wedding dress codes and the compatible attire for each. Make sure you check out Bossy B’s women’s fashion online NZ featuring Lemon Tree Design and the gorgeous Libertine dress.

1. Full evening dress
Full evening dress is the most formal evening dress code. Get your ‘white tie’ mojo on with a full-length ball gown in black, grey, beige or any other neutral colour. Match with a choker, tiara or diamond drop earrings. Dramatic eye makeup and shimmery lips will complete your look beautifully.

2. A ‘black tie’ affair
Black tie events usually require women to wear longer cocktail dresses or evening gowns in neutral hues. While best practice is to wear a floor-length dress, you can confirm the same with someone from the bride’s side. Something dressy, with a flattering A-line and rich details or embellishments are absolutely fine. Browse NZ women fashion online for inspiration.

3. Formal
More relaxed than black tie, but still requiring you to be suitably dressy in an outfit that ends below the knee. To stay on the safer side, slip into a cocktail dress in a black or grey shade.

4. Semi-formal
Semi-formal straddles the line between formal and casual. Go for something knee-length. For a summer wedding, choose a pastel shade or jewel tones and slip into a new little black dress for the reception party.

5. Casual
A wedding with a casual dress code gives you lots of options to choose from and means you can be more experimental and playful. A pretty sundress, a flowing maxi dress, a chic slit tank dress, a tulle mini dress, a peplum midi dress or a drop waist dress accompanied by chunky or elegant jewellery are just some options you can explore.

If you’re attending a backyard wedding and a wedding band is going to perform some classic or alternative rock, a black leather jacket over your chiffon or maxi dress will keep you warm and looking stylish.

Wedding dress code dos and don’ts!

(1) Don’t wear white
Once you’ve figured out the dress code, start picking out your clothes and accessories. As mentioned above, avoid white. It’s the big day for the bride and if anyone should be wearing white it is her. To be on the safe side consider steering clear of blush, cream and eggshell colours too.

(2) Make sure your dress fits you
Make sure the dress you’ve picked fits you comfortably. It should skim your body and not hug your body so tightly that you can’t breathe or sit down. If you’re wearing something strapless, make sure it stays up easily and that you are not constantly adjusting it all night.

(3) Wear shoes you can dance in
If you plan to dance the evening away, do yourself a favour and wear sensible shoes such as ballet flats, sandals or wedges. A good strategy could be to wear whatever footwear you want throughout the ceremony and cocktail hours and then change into something comfortable when it’s time to hit the dance floor.

Online store Bossy B offers women a range of chic and modern apparel from leading and popular designers. Whether you’re looking for designer skirts online or labels such as Libertine, Charcoal or Alibi Clothing NZ, you can get it all in one place at Bossy B’s. Visit to seek out regular women’s fashion sales and gift vouchers that you can give to a fashionable friend or loved one.

How to Update Your Work Wardrobe the Right Way


Coco Chanel famously said ‘fashion changes, but style endures‘. The modern day consumer has so many choices in designer and high street fashion that personal style can be refined, experimented with, or completely transformed. A knowledge of the best NZ women’s fashion labels combined with an understanding of how to dress for your body shape can make you look effortlessly stylish.

Updating Your Work Wardrobe

Savvy professionals understand the importance of keeping their wardrobe fresh and updated. There are three reasons why you may want to find the best deals in women fashion NZ to spruce up your closet.

1. Dress to impress at interviews
Ultimately, you will land a job on the basis of your skills, qualifications and personality. However an elegant formal outfit can certainly help you make an impactful and lasting first impression.

2. Demonstrate you care about your grooming and appearance
Modern etiquette demands that you don’t look drab and unkempt at work. How you dress speaks volumes about your attitude towards your body and life in general, as well your self-esteem and the respect you have for your job. With the wrong clothes, you can unknowingly give off a wrong vibe and fail to get the recognition you deserve.

3. Present a modern image
If you’re competing with younger candidates, you may want to stay on top of trends and contemporary styles to present a forward-looking persona. This doesn’t mean dressing too young for your age, but ensuring you know how to incorporate trends to suit your style.

Refine your wardrobe and look like a million bucks with the following 4 tips…

If you’re constantly complaining about not having ‘anything nice’ to wear, or envy some of the fabulously dressed women at work, it’s a big clue your wardrobe needs updating.

1. De-clutter your wardrobe

The advantage of de-cluttering your wardrobe is that you can more easily decide which new clothes to buy and which amongst your old clothes to retain. When you’re updating work wear, categorise your clothes into ladies fashion pants, blouses, skirts, designer women’s jackets and dresses.

2. Find inspiration online

If you are having trouble figuring out what is on trend and what was trendy yesterday, check out Pinterest, fashion magazines and fashion websites for inspiration. You’re also bound to find inspiration inside the Libertine fashion NZ catalogue at Bossy B. Choose clothes and accessories based on your personal style and pick out complete outfits from look-books.

3. Outline your style concept

You can’t depend only on look-books to plan your work wardrobe. Think about the patterns, colours, combinations, shapes, fabrics and accessories you would love to wear. After narrowing down your list to 20-30 items, see which ones you already have and start shopping for others at women’s fashion online stores like Bossy B’s.

If there’s a celebrity whose style you admire, don’t hesitate to mimic them. For instance, if you’re petite like Anna Kendrick – preppy trousers, mini-dresses, whimsical blouses or a feminine shift dress can look good on you. If Kate Middleton’s style is right up your alley – you can embrace bright colours, add a belt or a sash and invest in a nice pair of nude heels. Remember to keep your body type and personal comfort in mind.

4. Colour coordinate

Colour coordinating helps you put together an outfit very quickly. Analyse which colours flatter you most. Start with neutral shades as your foundation, and then expand from here to include solid colours and then prints.

Visit the Bossy B website at for the latest NZ fashion styles.