How to Update Your Work Wardrobe the Right Way


Coco Chanel famously said ‘fashion changes, but style endures‘. The modern day consumer has so many choices in designer and high street fashion that personal style can be refined, experimented with, or completely transformed. A knowledge of the best NZ women’s fashion labels combined with an understanding of how to dress for your body shape can make you look effortlessly stylish.

Updating Your Work Wardrobe

Savvy professionals understand the importance of keeping their wardrobe fresh and updated. There are three reasons why you may want to find the best deals in women fashion NZ to spruce up your closet.

1. Dress to impress at interviews
Ultimately, you will land a job on the basis of your skills, qualifications and personality. However an elegant formal outfit can certainly help you make an impactful and lasting first impression.

2. Demonstrate you care about your grooming and appearance
Modern etiquette demands that you don’t look drab and unkempt at work. How you dress speaks volumes about your attitude towards your body and life in general, as well your self-esteem and the respect you have for your job. With the wrong clothes, you can unknowingly give off a wrong vibe and fail to get the recognition you deserve.

3. Present a modern image
If you’re competing with younger candidates, you may want to stay on top of trends and contemporary styles to present a forward-looking persona. This doesn’t mean dressing too young for your age, but ensuring you know how to incorporate trends to suit your style.

Refine your wardrobe and look like a million bucks with the following 4 tips…

If you’re constantly complaining about not having ‘anything nice’ to wear, or envy some of the fabulously dressed women at work, it’s a big clue your wardrobe needs updating.

1. De-clutter your wardrobe

The advantage of de-cluttering your wardrobe is that you can more easily decide which new clothes to buy and which amongst your old clothes to retain. When you’re updating work wear, categorise your clothes into ladies fashion pants, blouses, skirts, designer women’s jackets and dresses.

2. Find inspiration online

If you are having trouble figuring out what is on trend and what was trendy yesterday, check out Pinterest, fashion magazines and fashion websites for inspiration. You’re also bound to find inspiration inside the Libertine fashion NZ catalogue at Bossy B. Choose clothes and accessories based on your personal style and pick out complete outfits from look-books.

3. Outline your style concept

You can’t depend only on look-books to plan your work wardrobe. Think about the patterns, colours, combinations, shapes, fabrics and accessories you would love to wear. After narrowing down your list to 20-30 items, see which ones you already have and start shopping for others at women’s fashion online stores like Bossy B’s.

If there’s a celebrity whose style you admire, don’t hesitate to mimic them. For instance, if you’re petite like Anna Kendrick – preppy trousers, mini-dresses, whimsical blouses or a feminine shift dress can look good on you. If Kate Middleton’s style is right up your alley – you can embrace bright colours, add a belt or a sash and invest in a nice pair of nude heels. Remember to keep your body type and personal comfort in mind.

4. Colour coordinate

Colour coordinating helps you put together an outfit very quickly. Analyse which colours flatter you most. Start with neutral shades as your foundation, and then expand from here to include solid colours and then prints.

Visit the Bossy B website at for the latest NZ fashion styles.


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