Date Fashion Tips


Obviously you want to make an impression on your date with not just your personality but also your personal style. What a guy notices on a first date is really up for debate, with studies suggesting a number of things, from your eyes and smile to your – ahem – assets. But don’t expect him not to observe your clothes, especially if he’s the posh sort who pays extra attention to personal grooming, wears a dressing gown (bathrobe) at home, and pairs his formal clothes with trendy loafers.

Dress for the occasion

You don’t want to overdress for a coffee date or look matronly when you plan to go out clubbing with your date. If you’re accompanying him to an event or an open house, don’t hesitate to ask if it will be a casual or a formal affair. That way, you can save yourself (and him) the embarrassment of dressing inappropriately for the occasion. If you haven’t shopped in a while and the event is a week or two away, you may want to check out womens fashion clothing online.

Understand what flatters your body type

Stick to a tried-and-tested look, something that flatters your figure and makes you feel confident. That could mean a feminine summer dress or a smart pair of ladies fashion pants. If you’re a plus size, consider a peplum high-waisted skirt and…..shapewear. Flaunt your curves and make him feel like he’s in the presence of a confident, sensual woman. Got great legs? Show them off in a bandage dress, a T-shirt dress or an elegant A-line skirt.

Running late for your date? You can’t go wrong with red!

Time and again, studies have shown that men think that red looks the sexiest on a woman. If you have no time to put together an outfit, reach out for a red dress or skirt or even a pair of snazzy red pants. What goes well with red? Black, of course! A black leather jacket can complete your look and possibly score you a second date.

Stay subtle yet stylish on an afternoon date

If you’re heading out for an afternoon lunch date, consider a chambray shirt with a denim jacket for a casual yet chic look. A summer dress is another option, which you can pair with lace-up sandals, gladiators (for a short dress) or espadrilles. If you’re feeling adventurous or going some place fancy, a fit and flare dress in a nice pastel shade will knock the socks off your date! Check out some cool fashion from Democracy clothing brand at the Bossy B clothing store.

Express your personal style, don’t pander to his preference

Has he told you that he likes Jennifer Anisette or thinks Betty Draper is cute? Resist the temptation to be ‘inspired’ by these ladies – or anyone real or fictional that he’s into – or you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. While a guy may admire women who carry off an edgy rock-chic look, he’s not necessarily expecting his date to show up like Gwen Stefani, Rihanna or Kate Moss. Be yourself and showcase your individual style; he’ll like you even more for it!

Dress strategically

When we say this, we mean dressing to be compatible to your date’s sensibilities. For instance, if he’s traditional and conservative, you don’t want to wear a V-neck top with an eye-popping cleavage. If the guy is a few inches shorter than you, avoid towering over him in stilettos or platform shoes, unless he’s explicitly told you that he wants to ‘look up to you’! You can always adjust or pare down such strategic choices once you get to know him better. But in the early stages of courtship, it is wise to dress in harmony with his values.

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