Fashion Tips for Your Christmas Party


Employees across the world are getting ready for one of the most fun get togethers of the year: the office Christmas party. Most people who have worked in a corporate environment for a few years know how to navigate these events, without making a fashion faux par. However, younger people and those who have never been invited to this type of event before must be very careful when making their wardrobe selections. Choosing the wrong outfit may cause your CEO to reconsider whether they want to offer that promotion.

Basic is Better

An LBD, or little black dress, is always appropriate for these types of events. Problems may arise when office workers start to accessorise their outfits. When it comes to a company Christmas party, basic is better. While it’s fine to add a pop of colour to a solid dress, too much sparkle can be distracting. A glittery scarf along with a solid colour dress is festive, yet professional. An LBD may also be accessorised with Christmas-themed earrings. It’s important not to overdo it. Avoid this by dressing in a festive, yet formal, manner in one of the lovely dresses from Lemon Tree wholesale clothing.

Check the Dress Code

When they announce the event, the executive secretary should give employees an idea of the dress code for the party. While they tend to be formal, office parties that occur during the day are usually less dressy than those taking place after work. Employees can avoid embarrassing themselves by checking with the event planner if they are unsure of what to wear. The company doesn’t want anyone to mistakenly wear something inappropriate so management will gladly advise any employee who asks.

Cover Up

Tight and revealing dresses have no place at the office Christmas party. Although they might be perfectly acceptable at the club on another day, it’s best to leave these kinds of dresses in the closet the night of the office event. An after-work celebration gives employees the opportunity to be themselves with their co-workers. However, when being themselves involves excessive cleavage or skin-tight dresses, women are better off displaying their professional image. Opt for stunning womens designer tunics in NZ.

Things to Avoid

Stores are full of ugly Christmas sweaters. Although these might be fun to wear to family Christmas parties, and might even be part of a game to see whose sweater is worse, they have no place at the office Christmas party. No one should wear anything that lights up, plays music, or is sparkling excessively. The only exception is the owner of the company and, even if they wear an over-the-top sweater, this is not an invitation for anyone else to follow suit.

Christmas parties should be fun, but office workers have to carry themselves professionally when attending the company party. No one wants to risk a promotion over a faux pas that could have been easily avoided by choosing the wrong holiday party attire. There are a lot of nz womens fashion labels that you can choose from.

When you shop with Bossy B Fashion, you can be sure you’ll only find fun, fashionable clothing that is appropriate for the office. We’ll help you find a dress you’ll love and will impress colleagues who also attend the party. For many, the office Christmas party is the only occasion they get to spend time with their coworkers, clients and significant others outside of work. Making a good impression is essential, and the best way to do that is to purchase a dress and accessories that make a positive statement about you. Check out the range of NZ womens fashion available to buy online at Bossy B’s:


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